MOOYO is a natural mountain water which has been enriched with more than 65 mg / liter pure oxygen. This is multiple more oxygen than normal drinking water usually contains. MOOYO is non-carbonated and comes from a natural spring in the heart of the French Vosges. This region is part of the "Nordvogesen Natural Park" which belongs to the MAB-program ("Man and Biosphere") developed by the UNESCO.

MOOYO water is enriched with more than 65 mg O2 per liter. By way of comparison: Oxygen in water (mg O2 per liter)

  • piped water approximately 1 - 5 mg
  • Bottled mineral water approximately 1 - 2 mg
  • well water approximately 2 - 4 mg
  • spring water approximately 11 - 13 mg
  • Although there are other oxygen enriched waters with even more O2 per liter nothing compares to the well balanced taste of MOOYO. It's not a question of the quantity of oxygen, it's the quality of water in combination with the superior oxygen enrichment technology.

    Have a try!

    When water and oxygen are blended together they develop amazing properties that neither element alone possesses. Together producing an enriched water experience.

    MOOYO is a perfectly pure, clear and refreshing companion.

    Over 40 years of research and development went into this pure physical process of water oxygenation. Behind this advanced technology of enrichment, the oxygen is attached by means of the so-called "waterfall effect" lingering in the water. The technology to bring sustainable oxygen into the water is the result of Swiss engineering par excellence.

    Continuous oxygenation of the water is ensured with a very complex process creating a natural alteration in the water's structure. Through this natural attachment of additional oxygen molecules the concentration of oxygen in MOOYO is many times higher than "normal water."

    From the depth of the French Vosges comes the water we use for MOOYO. Already the Celts and Romans enjoyed and appreciated the purity of this spring water. With a balanced pH-value of 7,5 and with very low in hard minerals such as e.g. Calcium and Magnesium, the taste of MOOYO is mild and smooth.